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Event: Social Media ROI - Branding, Business and Your Bottom Line

Melinda Emerson, otherwise known as SmallBizLady, taught the attendees how to become a Social Media Ninja, like her. She started by saying that "your website is your most important selling tool – it is your social proof." Melinda explained that everything relates back to your website so it is important to get that right. It is helpful to follow the 6 C's of social media, as she explained it, which are Contact, Communicate, Develop Effective Content, Consistent, Community and Commerce. To make social media effective, she said to use the "HELP" mantra: Help others, Engage people, Listen first and Promote with Care.

Event: Vision Driven, Insights from the C-Suite

"My career didn't happen by accident. I was the architect of it," was one of the many life lessons that attendees learned from Eileen McDonnell of Penn Mutual at the May 23 event Vision Driven: Insights from the C-Suite. Michelle Lee, the other featured panelist, also spoke about her career saying "My biggest promotions were roles that didn't exist yet." She explained that she feels that women put their own ceilings on themselves. When moderator Tracy Davidson of NBC 10 asked the women what they would tell the younger generation, both had meaningful responses. Eileen urged others to surround themselves with a cheerleading squad, while Michelle told everyone to not only live life, but "grab life with teeth." Also at the event, attendees donated over 75 boxes of cereal to the featured non-profit, The Ceres Society of Philabundance.

Event: Understanding the Language of Gender

Peter Dean and Molly Shepard broke barriers to gender communication during their presentation at the April 18 event. Peter went into detail about the brain, saying that it can be a key indicator between the differences of communication between genders. "Ideal leaders have full integration of their left and right brain," said Peter, also explaining how this causes the most empathy which is an "extreme leadership skill." Molly went on to discuss the components of language, saying that 55% is visual, 35% is vocal and only 10% is verbal. She gave the statistic that women use 25,000 words a day while men only use an average of 8,000 words a day. She closed asking the question "would you rather have people like you or respect you?" when referring to being taken more seriously as a leader.

Event: Judge to Non-Profit CEO: What's the Next Chess Move?

Judge Renée Cardwell Hughes shared her journey to become CEO of the American Red Cross at the March 12 event, although she said it isn't complete yet. Ultimately, she made the switch from judge to non-profit CEO because as a judge, she said she had lost her voice and wasn't able to develop new skills. Judge Hughes said her key to success in life was a "non-negotiable pursuit of excellence" and having a "clarity of vision". Anybody can develop leadership skills by using her 5 C's of leadership: creativity, commitment, communication, collaboration and courage.

Event: From the Oval Office to Your Office

2013 kicked off on February 7 with another sold-out event featuring Karen Dougherty Buchholz of Comcast Corp, Farah Jimenez of People's Emergency Center and Sue Schick of UnitedHealthcare discussing "From the Oval Office to Your Office." Reneé Amoore moderated the panel. Sue Schick challenged women to beat the .77 to a dollar average that women make compared to men. Karen Buchholz told the audience that women need to "ask for what we think our value is and elevate our voices to make sure the discussion is on the table." Farah Jimenez's advice for women was to "build your parachute after you've leapt," saying that women don't always believe in themselves. A discussion was also brought up about the difference between mentoring, coaching from the sidelines, and sponsorship, actively promoting from within.

Event: 5 Generations, 1 Workforce - Are You Ready?

On November 28, Kim Huggins spoke to another sold-out crowd at Radnor Valley Country Club about how to build effective relationships across generations. As she explained the 4 different generations currently in the workplace (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y), Kim said that we must communicate with respect and empathy in order to have the biggest impact across all generations.

Event: Local Entrepreneur Turned Millionaire, Steps to Ensure Your Success

On October 16, Dave Magrogan, a local serial entrepreneur, self-made multi-millionaire, author and motivational speaker, spoke to a sold-out crowd about how to charge forward and "be a rhino". Dave shared tips on how to succeed, and stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with successful people, and remembering that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. He said that above all, attitude has the greatest impact on your life, and it's important to remember that we are in control of our attitudes.

Event: Never Take No for an Answer

At the event on July 25 at Valley Forge Casino Resort, Lisa Scottoline, New York Times best-selling author, Philadelphia Inquirer "Chick Wit" columnist and Today Show favorite, spoke to a sold-out crowd of 350 people about her transition from lawyer to award-winning author by following her dreams. "I never take 'no' for an answer. Actually, I don't always take 'yes' for an answer," said Lisa referring to her journey to becoming a published author. She explained how all of the books that she read growing up portrayed women as the girlfriends and wives of the main characters, citing the catalyst for her career switch. Lisa, who was a single mother, quit her job at a large law firm and started writing strong, independent female characters into her books.

Event: Wawa's Marketing Secrets

Carol Jensen, Chief Marketing Officer of Wawa, spoke about the marketing strategies and branding tactics utilized by the industry powerhouse on June 21 at "Wawa's Marketing Secrets." Over 225 attendees joined us for breakfast at the Radnor Valley Country Club, making it SPW's 25th consecutive sold-out event! Carol kicked off her presentation with some trivia about Wawa and disclosed that the company sells over 150 million cups of coffee a year! Carol also discussed their marketing strategy, called "blue ocean," which focuses on value innovation. "Growth is found by creating value for the consumers," Carol said.

Event: Business in the 21st Century...What's Ahead?

SPW was fortunate to be able to partner with World Affairs Council on the May 15 event titled "Business in the 21st Century…What's Ahead?" NA President of GlaxoSmithKline, Deirdre Connelly and Executive Editor of Bloomberg News, Amanda Bennett, spoke about the future of business in a fast-paced environment. According to Deirdre, "American companies have the lowest amount of public trust out of all other countries." She said that businesses must change the way they operate and must create easy access to more information.

Event: Next Idea, Next Level

International entrepreneur Reneé Amoore was the star of the show at the April 17 event titled “Next Idea, Next Level”. She spoke about how to transform the way that you think about the journey that establishes your leadership style. As she put it, “Take a step back, look at where you are and where you want to go.” She suggests to surround yourself with a network of people you can trust and ultimately her best advices is to simply “Be You”.

Event: Breaking Barriers to Leadership

Not even I-76 can keep SPW members from attending the March 14 event featuring Joan Carter. A sold-out crowd listened to the first female president of the Union League discuss her story of her career as an entrepreneur including her successes and failures. Joan talked about what she would have done differently and what lessons she has learned along the way that can be transferrable to all women in business. Attendees also had the opportunity to network with members of the Union League Business Network.

Event: When Will Women Become Equal?

Almost 300 people gathered at the first SPW event of 2012 on January 26 to listen to Lynn Yeakel and Rosemarie Greco, co-chairs of Vision 2020, a national equality initiative, speak about Vision 2020’s mission of achieving shared leadership among women and men. They spoke to what they considered the “leaders of today and tomorrow in the room” and explained that “America will never be as good as it can be until we are all equal.” Both emphasized that a belief of Vision 2020 is to fulfill the dreams of the suffragists.

When will women be Equal Networking Event in January 2012 by the Main Line Chambers Society of Professional Women

Event: Entrepreneurialism, From Idea to Empire

A sold-out crowd listened to Donna Allie, President and Founder of Team Clean, and Lynn Doyle, Host and Executive Producer of “It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle”, on November 30 for the last SPW event of the year. Moderated by Sarah Peterson of Main Line Health, Donna and Lynn talked about their journey to the top of their own empires. The theme of the evening was to just say yes and believe in yourself. Both women told stories about saying yes to their first big break even though they didn’t think they were capable, and how it shaped their careers.

Event: Building Business Brands

Over 200 people listened on October 11 as Mary Stengel Austen, President & CEO of Tierney Communications, talked about the importance of branding both personally and in a corporate setting. She explained that a brand is "a promise of a consistent experience," and that "you have to live your brand in order to maintain it." Everyone left with the mission to identify their individual USP – Unique Selling Proposition and find ways to embrace and follow through on it.

Event: Making Time for Fitness and Fortune
Presented by Kimberly Garrison, Robert Bulgarelli, DO, and Bradley Mattson

Even in the heart of summer, SPW still manages to draw sold-out crowds. At the July 22 event, a panel of experts discussed the importance of finding time to have a healthy fitness and financial balance in everyday life. The panel included Kimberly Garrison, national fitness expert on Fox 29, Dr. Robert Bulgarelli, Director of Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine for Main Line Health System and Bradley Mattson, President of The Mattson Organization. The theme of the evening was to take time to put ourselves first, even if it is just for 15 minutes a day. As Dr. Bulgarelli put it, "We're so busy taking care of everything and everyone else, that we end up neglecting ourselves" and that affects all aspects of our life, including our fitness, health, and financial security. Attendees left with action steps to assess where they are right now and work forward, rather than working backwards from a goal.

Make Time for Fitness and Fortune Main Line SPW Event in July 2011

Event: Productivity in Stilettos™ with Neen James

Over 220 people, of all generations and professions, joined together at yet another SOLD OUT SPW Event on June 20! Global Productivity Expert, Neen James, began by asking attendees to identify whether they were planners, crammers or “slammers” and from there, she shared strategies for leveraging each productivity style. Among her many tips, she provided advice on how to control technology platforms more efficiently, a skill that’s essential in a world where social media is becoming increasingly popular. Attendees left with a new tool set of knowledge to help them create a productive personal action plan ready for implementation.

Event: Speaking with a Spark with Tracy Davidson and Beth Yvette Strange

Over 200 attendees gathered at SPW's fourth sold out event of the year! Tracy Davidson, NBC 10's Emmy award-winning anchor, and Beth Yvette Strange, the only AICI Certified Image Professional Consultant in PA, gave attendees tips on how to stand out from the crowd, establish a strong personal brand and speak with confidence. When speaking publicly, Tracy advised to quiet the negative voice in your head and find a few people in the audience to make eye contact with, who are supportive and engaged. Beth shared key aspects on the five elements of image. Among her many useful tips, she advised attendees to gesture less to portray credibility, and ensure your conduct complements your image. Attendees left with new skills to help them stand out from the crowd, which they could use right away!

Event: From the Ground Up with Rosemary Turner

At yet another sold out SPW Event, Rosemary Turner spoke about her journey up the corporate ladder. Turner, who started out as a part-time driver for UPS, is currently the President of its Chesapeake District. She shared insights on perseverance and encouraged attendees to never settle for second place when you can achieve first. “Be confident in what you bring to the table,” advised Turner, saying that women already posses the most important aspects that corporate America looks for: the skills to be a mother and run a successful household.

Event: To Harrisburg and Back: Midge Rendell's Journey

At SPW’s largest event yet, Judge Midge Rendell gave an inspiring presentation on how profession, passion and privilege play into making both career and life decisions. Her advice was applicable across all levels, from emerging leaders to seasoned executives. Among her many words of wisdom, the Judge advised attendees to look at barriers as opportunities, handle life with humor, think long-term and surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. Over 300 attendees left with valuable tips on how to navigate their career journeys and enjoy the ride.

Event: Star Power Negotiating with Sharon Pinkenson

"I really started out as a great saleswoman," says Sharon Pinkenson, the Executive Director of Greater Philadelphia Film Office, who successfully generated more than three billion dollars in revenue during her tenure. Sharon shared her road-tested strategies for negotiating, backing them with an impressive repertoire of accomplishments. Attendees left with new ideas on how to negotiate, open the door to future opportunities and achieve their desired results.

Event: The Art of Making Connections with Marian Marchese and Sharon Hardy

"Great networkers do common things uncommonly well,” according to Marian Marchese and Sharon Hardy. These two experts shared their time-tested strategies for establishing, maintaining and expanding a diverse network to achieve professional goals. Each table engaged in an interactive problem-solving activity focusing on tactful ways to enter and exit a conversation. Following the presentation, attendees networked and put their new tool set to the test!

Event: Generational Differences with Maryellen Reilly Lamb

Maryellen Reilly Lamb of The Wharton School led an engaging presentation, giving SPW attendees new ideas on how to embrace generational differences in the workplace. By understanding the fundamental needs of each generation, Maryellen taught us how to most effectively use each generation’s unique talents and motivations to our companies’ advantage.


Event: 2010 Gold Leaf Celebration

Nearly 400 gathered to honor the 2nd Annual Helena Devereux Women in Leadership award recipient, Irene Horstmann Hannan, Senior Vice President of Citizens Bank, at the 2010 Gold Leaf Celebration. Additionally, The Chamber awarded the 2010 Gold Leaf Scholarship to Elizabeth Birmingham, a deserving female who is making a difference in The Main Line Region. Attendees enjoyed a delicious lunch, inspiring presentation and quality networking at Philadelphia Country Club.


Event: Finding Your Authentic Self with Dr. Barbara Collins, Ed.D.

Dr. Barbara Collins energized the crowd with her motivational presentation. As a professional speaker and management consultant with over 20 years of experience, she is an expert in enhancing productivity and achieving organizational goals. Dr. Collins focused on how to overcome insecurities and discover hidden talents as part of the “journey of finding your authentic self.”



Event: Discrimination in the Workplace with Nancy O'Mara Ezold

Nancy O’Mara Ezold, attorney and counselor at law with Ezold Law, discussed the “do’s and don’ts” for employees who believe they are victims of workplace discrimination. Her final words of advice to SPW attendees were simple: be prepared and be aware, but most importantly, speak up and know that there is power in our voices to prevent discrimination.



Event: What Not to Wear to Work with Megan Kristel and Béke Beau

SPW teamed up with Kristel Closets, Béke Beau and Bubbles Salon to help three lucky Chamber members enhance their professional image. Winners were featured at the event and revealed their new looks to the audience. It was an entertaining evening, to say the least!



Event: Decreasing Your Daily Dose of Stress

Main Line Health Cardiologists shared valuable information on the prevention of heart disease and gave us useful tips for how to more effectively manage inevitable daily stresses. Attendees left feeling in control and excited to put the experts’ tips to the test.



Event: Networking Uncorked with Michael Walsh

SPW attendees reconnected with one another and met new contacts, while enjoying a variety of international wines by Majestic Wine & Spirits USA and delicious hors d’oeuvres and decadent desserts by Drexelbrook Catering.



Event: IKEA Story from Matchbooks to Millions with Paget Ingham

Paget Ingham, IKEA Business manager, shared the inspirational story of how IKEA’s owner transformed a business of selling pencils on a bicycle into what is now the world’s largest retailer.


Event: Networking in Stilettos with Neen James

Neen James, MBA CSP, President of Neen James Communications and international productivity expert gave us the secrets of successful networking with fundamental principles and practices. She highlighted the importance of fostering your personal and professional relationships, not just in the moment but in the future as well.


Event: Why Men & Women Need to Join Forces with Molly Shepard & Peter Dean

Molly Shepard, CEO of The Leader’s Edge, was joined by Peter Dean, President of Leaders by Design and her co-author of Breaking into the Boys Club. The two shared insights on the changing dynamics of gender in the work­place and ways to enhance communication across the sexes.

Event: Reduce Stress, Physically and Financially

This is the event that started it all! Before we knew what a success SPW would become, we networked at 3000 BC to learn tips from the experts and each other. Joslyn Ewart of Entrust Financial briefed everyone on sensible investing while the team at 3000 BC helped us to relieve our daily stress.



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